How to spot that your spouse wants to divorce you?

How to spot that your spouse wants to divorce you?

  03 Jul 2019

Sometimes there comes a time in a family life when one of the spouses or both immediately realize that this cannot continue any longer, and ask themselves the question: “Is it worth it to continue living together?” Relationships require constant work on themselves, so it is essential to think over and discuss a million times whether you need to part or save a marriage. Below are a few tips on how to spot that your spouse wants to divorce you.

The lack of a single solution to problems

Spouses must work in a team, that is, to negotiate on most issues to be resolved and jointly find ways out of various situations. Otherwise, communication between husband and wife is entirely ineffective, and they do not fit together. The main advantage of the joint resolution of problem situations is that a close person can objectively look at the situation and help with the current choice.

Inability or unwillingness to make compromises

A spouse who believes that he gives too much in a relationship and does not receive enough in return, and continually gives in to a husband or wife against his wishes will not be satisfied with his family life.

The realization that the spouses have practically nothing in common

Different interests, attitudes, and goals can cause a divorce of people who love each other.

In such a situation, it is essential to jointly discuss what each party wants from family relations and whether there is a joint base that unifies the differences.

Inequality in marriage

It is essential to make your loved one feel that everyone in the family is equal. If a husband or wife considers his other half an unworthy party, it does not bode well.

The lack of common interests with you

Over time, couples often face difficulties in communication: they hide something from each other, systematically criticize, withdraw into themselves, and even starts screaming to each. You can try to contact a psychologist who will help to establish a marital dialogue.

Competition with you

Most often, such families are destroyed, in which the spouses forget about sharing happiness, begin to play revenge with each other and settle scores for any misdeeds, focusing on victories in this fight. It is essential to put forgiveness and love first.

Lack of sex or the absence of it

If the spouse causes only irritation and negativity, is not interested in bed and does not give a feeling of satisfaction, the bedroom turns into a place solely for sleeping. If the couple is sleeping at this point in the same room.

Indifference to the feelings of a spouse

If you start talking about your feelings, desires, plans, and ideas, about everything else that is extremely important and valuable for you, and the spouse responds to this with indifference and words devoid of meaning, this means he is not interested in you anymore.


Spouses on the brink of divorce usually do not choose expressions and try to prick each other with words as much as possible. In ordinary life, sarcasm can be a pleasant advantage of an exciting person, but when anger and ignorance pass to a husband or wife, one should not wait for family well-being in the future.

Feeling of frustration when living together

The negative energy emanating from the spouse of failure can suppress all the happy and good feelings that his partner feels in marriage. Thoughts about the positive aspects of the family, pleasant memories of living together, a real look at unpleasant situations can help if the spouses both make maximum efforts.

The desire to spend a lot of time separately

If a spouse tries to stay up late at work, meets with friends, finds hobbies and activities trying to isolate himself from his family and loved one, it is worth reconsidering this kind of relationship and talking to each other about the routine that has appeared in life together. Perhaps this is a direct path to divorce.

Dramatic changes in sexual relationships

Until recently, your husband was eager to make love every night, and now you say thank you if this happens once a month. If at the same time he is all right with health, then it is possible that he gets satisfaction somewhere on the side. At the same time, the desire to have daily sexual intercourse from your husband, even though you both had weekly breaks before, both of you may also indicate a serious intention to live without you. And the “second honeymoon” arranged on his initiative is simply the last attempt to save dying relationships. As a rule, it is typical for men who do not immediately manage to make a final decision. Also, do not rejoice ahead of time if your husband has undergone a metamorphosis from an inept lump to a hot Don Juan in a short time. It is possible that he regularly studies the “Kama Sutra” in the company of some blonde.

Private critical remarks

If your habits looked charming in his eyes, but now suddenly they began to get on his nerves think about whether everything is in order in your relationship. After all, this means that you have ceased to interest him. Besides, in this way, the husband tries to justify his intention to leave you, as unbearably inveterate clumsy. He only does not dare to tell you that he no longer loves you.

If every little thing takes your husband out of himself for a long time and his mood globally deteriorates for nothing, it may indicate that he does not want to take responsibility or feels guilty for the next break. Being at home in a state of darker clouds, he wants thus to cause hostility to himself, so that you will quickly fall out of love and go out of sight.

Lack of desire to build plans for the future

We do not take into account the superstitious people – they never want to think ahead. And if your husband is one of them, then you should be well aware of this, and you will not be surprised when he refuses to plan, for example, a summer vacation. But if in the past you were always happy to discuss upcoming trips or purchases, but now your husband is not answering, not wanting to discuss bright prospects, this means only one thing: he, unlike you, already knows that they are not destined to come true.

Does not share information

When a spouse responds evasively to all your questions and at the same time darkens without telling anything concrete, it means that he has something to hide. And if he has ceased to confide with you of his own will, then it is possible that he unilaterally reduced the level of intimate trust between you and no longer wants to invest his whole soul in a marital relationship.

A sudden increase in the working period

If your husband was always coming home with the accuracy of an express train, and now began to regularly linger on the service, even though the nature of his work has not changed, it means that he has another woman and doesn’t also want to hide it. Otherwise, he would arrange a date without disturbing the usual family routine – millions of men all over the world manage to do it during working hours. A husband who demonstratively “lingers at work” may have already put an end to his marriage.

Complains about a bad life

Your husband began to complain much more often about difficulties in work, or about his state of health, instead of directly telling you that he was dissatisfied with his marriage. If the husband began to remind you of the crampedness of your apartment always, do not rush to change it to a more spacious one. It is possible that you will be there alone.

How to act:

  • Do not ignore the inner voice. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult for you to bear the blow that can befall your head.
  • Try to ask your husband more questions. Then you do not have to guess what feelings live in his soul.
  • The items you ask should be particular. Ask, for example, why he has been avoiding sex for a month now.
  • Keep a diary, and record there all the details of each incident and your emotions. Otherwise, over time, you will forget the urgency of your own experiences and deceive yourself that you have an excellent relationship with your husband. Just make sure that he will not see the diary.
  • Analyze the situation from all sides. Find out if the spouse does not want to make another attempt to improve family life. And if it turns out that he does not wish to do it, do not wait for its end. Get out first. And, perhaps, then you will be lucky not to have feelings of abandoned women.

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